Meeting, Breakout, Open Plan, Canteen & Reception

  • Banks of 4, 6 and 8 lockers available as standard
  • Standard MFC carcase and doors
  • Doors on key or combination locks
  • Doors fitted with numbers, available in a variety of colours and finishes Internal fixings for optional shelves
  • Plinth base with adjustable levelling feet
  • Flat or sloping top available
  • Bespoke sizes & additional finishes on request

A safe and secure solution, perfectly suited to the modern-day office environment, where remote and flexible working are at the forefront of office life. Each locker can be tailored to the users requirements with the option to choose between multiple finishes, lock types and various internal accessories.

Lockers are assembled in banks appropriate for the intended layout. They can be placed against the wall or placed as free-standing units within the office, perfect for dividing the space.

Based around a locker module of 400mm x 400mm x 500mm deep. As standard the lockers are MFC constructed, however laminate and veneer options are available upon request. The plinth base ensures lower lockers are more accessible, while the optional sloping top elevates the issue of decluttering the workplace.

Dimensions & Details

Height (mm)Length (mm)Width (mm)Top Angle
Bank of 4
2 Wide x 2 High1018800500Flat / Sloping (+100mm)
1 Wide x 4 High1818400500Flat / Sloping (+100mm)
Bank of 6
2 Wide x 3 High1418800500Flat / Sloping (+100mm)
3 Wide x 2 High10181200500Flat / Sloping (+100mm)
Bank of 8
2 Wide x 4 High1818800500Flat / Sloping (+100mm)
Bank of 9
3 Wide x 3 High14181200500Flat / Sloping (+100mm)
AssemblyFull assembly required